Teaching Healthy Thinking Through Improv




Teaching Healthy Thinking Through Improv

Chris Alvarado

Actor, Improviser, Teacher

Bryan Turkel

Coach, Author, Speaker

So a life coach and an improviser walk into a bar... 

Bryan had been taking Improv for a little less than a year before he took Chris' class. Is he an actor? Nope. He's actually a recovering perfectionist turned life coach who helps type-A overachievers find more satisfaction. He's stuck with it because he is fascinated about the connection between improv and healthy thinking.

Insert Chris. A 20-year veteran and arguably one of the top improviser in Los Angeles. Chris teaches from a unique perspective that highlights the psychology of the characters he is playing. Chris achieves his elite level of play by focusing on how values inspire the decisions, reactions, and choices his character makes. 

After a few classes Bryan began to connect the dots between Chris' philosophy and his own experience applying these concepts to everyday life. One day the idea came all at once. Bryan ran out of class and returned the next week with the basis for an idea. A fun way people could learn the thought processes that would leave them happier, grounded, and with more mental energy.




A fun, interactive seminar that uses improvisation as a vehicle to teach thought processes that leave you with more

Happiness, Mental Energy, & Ease

Read on to learn about the psychology that drive the methods behind


Our brains only have so much fuel in the tank

Studies have concluded that all thought process is powered from the same source. This source is limited, and once exhausted we become worse at everything from decision-making to self-control. Think about the last time you had a really hard day and your brain felt like mush. 

The Cost of All Our Choices

Making decisions and weighing tradeoffs are some of the most energy draining thought processes.

The modern world is so complex, the average adult makes over 35,000 decisions per day. Not only that, given the amount of options available to us those decisions have gotten exponentially harder and we feel more pressure to get things "right." Oh, you've never tried to find a movie on Netflix?

Feeling drained? You're not alone

Between ruminating over what we can't change, deciding where to eat dinner, and comparing our experiences to the expectations we've built in our heads, our minds are constantly tired. Despite all of the advancements of the modern world, people are feeling more stressed and unhappy than ever before. At work employees are burning out at record rates, engagement is low, and mental fatigue is negatively impacting performance.

Don't Worry. That's Where We Come In.

Brainpower, Baby

We're not here to change the world you live in, we're not magicians. We are far more interested in focusing on how you live in that world. We teach the mental habits you need to glide through modern complexity with an ease you've never felt before. After the seminar you will have a host of tools that will help you save mental energy and feel less fatigued by spending less time in "decision" mode. Something that has been shown to increase both productivity and satisfaction

FOMO: Focus On My Own

It's no secret that expectations make you unhappy. In the world of social media our every day experience is rife with expectations of experiences and a whole lot of pressure on what what we should be doing and how we should be feeling when we do it. We are exposed to a constant highlight reel and we judge ourselves for not living a constant highlight reel life. The truth is, 99% of life does not go on that highlight reel. This seminar connects you with your values so you can increase the satisfaction you feel everyday, not just during a "highlight reel" moment.