What is coaching? Is it like therapy or consulting?

As a coach I believe you are the foremost expert on yourself. Unlike a consultant, I am not there to assess the situation and give you a solution. I'm also not there to fix you, you're not broken. My job is to help you identify the blocks that are getting in your way, help you develop a gameplan to be who you want to be, stand in your corner as an advocate, and hold you accountable to your own success.

Do you offer a complimentary session?

Yes! Reach out to Bryan at Coachwithbryan@gmail.com to set up your complimentary session.

How much are the packages?

Package pricing is not listed here because they are changed overtime and may not reveal up-to-date costs. To learn more about different package options and pricing, reach out to Bryan at Coachwithbryan@gmail.com

How are sessions held? In person or online?

Sessions are usually held over the phone or video chat, depending on the client’s preference. Clients living in Los Angeles may choose to have in-person sessions.


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