Creating healthy thought processes to increase satisfaction and reduce stress through improvisation

Our brains only have so much fuel in the tank

Studies have concluded that all thought process is powered from the same source.

This source is limited, and once exhausted we become worse at everything from decision-making to self-control. 

The Cost of All Our Choices

Making decisions and weighing tradeoffs are some of the most energy draining thought processes.

The modern world is so complex, the average adult makes over 35,000 decisions per day.

Feeling drained? You're not alone

Between ruminating over what we can't change and choosing what to watch on Netflix, our minds are constantly tired. Individuals are feeling more stressed and unhappy than ever before. Employees are burning out at record rates, engagement is low,  and mental fatigue is negatively impacting performance.

The Self-Improvment Solution

Bryan Turkel

Coach, Author, Speaker

Self-IMPROVment is  high-energy, interactive seminar that uses improvisation as a vehicle to teach mental behaviors proven to increase engagement and reduce fatigue.


Each principle in the seminar is demonstrated through improv and explained in a life coaching perspective. Broken up by improv games and exercises to help concepts sink in and STICK.

Chris Alvarado

Actor, Improviser, Teacher

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