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You already have the accomplishments and accolades, my job is to help you find the feeling you thought those things would get you.

Through coaching, I help my clients achieve shifts in mindset so they can get unstuck and start doing things Differently, not better.

"Once I have ________, then I'll be happy!"

Sound familiar?

Trying more of what you have already tried doesn't work. It is the habit of trying to make things better that keeps us trapped in the same routine.

Different, Not Better Coaching programs follow     4 pillars of growth

1) Status Quo GPS

2) Autosuggest Awareness


3) Authentic Ideal


4) Process Setting

All growth begins with an honest assessment of the current situation. We will explore your day-to-day rhythm and what areas of your life have been relegated to autopilot. Here you will realize what areas of your life you have tolerated being just "fine."

Your brain loves saving energy, therefore much of your thought process is delegated to your subconscious and rarely challenged. We will see what rules you have living by that are not your own. Where your "shoulds" come in and how you have been basing your decisions off of how you have defined things like success. Here you will begin to see that "the" way you have been living by is just one way.

Now that we have cleared out internalized ideas that have been running your life behind the scenes. Unburdened from expectations and limiting beliefs you will begin to craft the ideal image of who you want to be. We will uncover enthusiasms and passions that have been stifled or have been told they are not the "right" ones you need. Here you will begin to flex your freedom as you shift from the person you should be to the person you want to be. 

This person who you have authentically decided you want to be. What are the values important to you? It is always fun to see how natural this part comes to clients in this stage as they recognize the way of being that makes them the happiest. For people who have spent their entire lives hooking happiness to a certain outcome or accomplishment, this step is the final crucial component that lets them be who they want to be rather than focusing on having or doing things. Here you will realize that since happiness is tied to your values, those are things that are always available to you.

Who I work with

  • High performing young adults in areas like tech, finance, and STEM 

  • Former athletes, case competitors, and merit scholars

  • People who have reached the top and then thought "is this it?"

  • Those living a good on paper life but willing to challenge themselves and discover the life they actually want

"I began working with Bryan because I felt I was in disarray. I was hoping to mentally ground myself and take control of my thoughts so i could think more clearly. Learning to actively feed the subconscious with what you really want is a powerful tool that Bryan’s approach has given me.

Bryan helped me craft a way forward and created a support network by designing a way to keep track of my progress. Before I started working with Bryan I was focused on doing things “better.” This mindset didn’t allow me to wipe my mental slate. Focusing on doing things differently forced me to work on building a new, authentic me, instead of just a tweaked version myself. It sounds simple but doing things differently has made all the difference. I'm grateful for all I've learned.

Kevin Kabore, Snap Inc, New York University Varsity Athlete

"Bryan normally helps people find happiness after living a dissatisfying “good on paper” life, but I worked with him for several months to talk out my work-life balance, my job satisfaction, and my relationship with my family. We were all over the map, but he helped me stay focused while I was trying to reach new mental, emotional, and spiritual heights.


Toward the end of our time together, he asked me over the phone to stand up and move to a different room. It seemed like a metaphor for leaving a certain detrimental mindset for a new, uplifting sense of freedom. I left a cluttered headspace for one with a new headspace smell (similar to French vanilla). It was so simple, yet so powerful, and boy, did it work! It just goes to show how much creativity can come out of a session with Bryan. Explore the unknown with him and you might be surprised where you end up!"

Holly Shaftel, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory 

If this sounds like you, then let's work together

Success Stories

"I wanted to be a more productive person and feel like I was living the full potential of the person I wanted to be. I wanted to be a good person but thought the only way of helping people was being a civil rights lawyer or a pro Bono doctor, so I always felt disappointed in myself for not being a good person in the "right" way.

Bryan helped me notice that my mindset was focused on doing things a certain way. I learned that I can do any job and just be a good person all of the time. Now I get to enjoy being who I want to be all the time instead of pushing off that feeling until I am doing things the "right" way."

Dave Wasserman

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(203) 984-2267


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