-  Happiness is a path, not a climb

-  Rediscovering what is authentic

-  Letting go of getting it "right"

Happiness is a process, not a prize that is the byproduct of achievements.

Reclaiming the person we were before we were told what we "should" like or do.

Shifting away a corrective thought process and letting go of the need to get the A in whatever situation. 

I call it the "good on paper" life.

"We had the best team on paper, unfortunately the game is played on grass."

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the team!

The "good on paper" life

If only life felt as good as the resume looked...

You've followed all the instructions. The good grades, the good job, the accolades: done everything "right," but don't have that satisfied feeling they promised was at the end of the rainbow.

You've held up your end of the bargain, so you ask:

Where is my happy?


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November 25, 2017

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Different, Not Better Blog

So if you are ready to discover a life beyond what's

"good on paper"

A little about me

My life used to look very good on paper.

I got straight A's, was a decorated athlete, even got recruited to play football for my college. Once I was there I continued my campaign of filling my life with everything I thought "should" be in it. I did well enough that I got a job at an exclusive financial recruiting firm after school. All I had to do was wait for the successful feeling I knew was due once I had "made it." 

One year in I was the most miserable person. I couldn't understand what was happening. I had done everything "right" but I was not fulfilled. I felt ilke I had been cheated somehow. It was at that point I realized that while I was going "great," I was grading myself off of someone else's rubric. 

Since then has been a journey to discover who the real me was. Not just the person I "should" be. I realized there were lots of people living lives that were good on paper.


I have dedicated my craft helping people refine their thought processes and actions to discover themselves and living fulfilling lives.


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